uPVC Double Glazed Windows

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Double glazed windows, also called insulating glass units, or IGUs, are used for proper insulation. They protect against loud sound and extreme temperatures.

Double glazed upvc windows are actually windows that are made out of two pieces of glass. The glass is inserted into frames that keeps them just a bit apart from each other so a space is created in between. It is filled with with vacuum, or with some kind of non-conductive insulating gas. Of all kinds of insulating windows, uPVC double glazed windows are one of the easiest to see through. As sound does not travel through vacuum, less sound will be able to get through into the house. Also cold and heat have trouble travelling through vacuum, so they are also stopped. It is the same principle as vacuum Thermoses use.


uPVC windows and uPVC doors – buying tips!

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There are not many people in the world that don’t ever have to face the problem of choosing the right windows and doors. When we are building a new home, there is no way of avoiding this issue, but when it comes to renovating we often delay the decision as long as possible or as long as the old insulation lets us. But the purchase of new windows and doors is not only an important decision – it is also quite a heavy burden on the family budget, which is all the more reason to choose wisely.

There are numerous manufacturers of windows and doors today in the UK and all almost all of them are advertising their product as the best possible choice. Naturally it is impossible for all of them to be on top so you will have to make a few basic decisions to narrow the selection down.

First of all you should determine your budget. There is no sense in looking over your sensible price range no matter how important  windows and doors are to the house. It is not hard to find quality products in lower price classes, you just have to look a bit harder.

Second of all, choose the proper material. Although wooden and aluminum windows and doors are traditionally the most common choice, you should also have a look at new uPVC windows and doors. Some say that uPVC is the material of the future because it is has a reasonable price and it requires very little maintennance in comparison to wood for instance. That is the most important aspect of uPVC windows, while the uPVC doors manufacturers boast about their safety.

But the very first step should be taking the proper measurements so in the end you will  know exactly what you want and the salesmen will be able to make suitable and most importantly comparable offers. Do not forget about the internet and websites that provide windows and doors reviews, especially those that include user experience posts.

Choosing the right upvc windows and doors will certainly take some of your time, but in the long run it will be more than worth it. You will probably be stuck with your choice for the next twelve to fifteen years so it is really important to choose wisely.

uPVC doors

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The doors, just as the windows, are one of the basic elements of your home. The front door is a mirror of the house, some people say and is also the piece of the house that will most likely let an intruder in, if they do not provide enough security. Choice of material will be one of the first questions a salesman will ask you some you might as well have an answer prepared for him. Wooden doors, aluminium or even uPVC windows and doors? We recommend the latter.

uPVC doors

One of the most popular choices lately are the uPVC doors. They have many advantages over wooden and aluminium ones and the price might just be the most important one, considering the quality of built is no worse than by wood and aluminium. Insulation is on the highest level, but make sure the allround quality of the door is solid enough – this is the suggestion you should follow no matter which material you will end up choosing. Just like the uPVC windows (or the uPVC sash windows as the more expensive version), they are cheaper in average so your family budget will take less of a blow. The maintenance is almost not needed because apart of the occasional lubrication and cleaning they just do not need it. Imagine the time you will save and the ways you can spend it more wisely …

How much do uPVC doors cost?

This is an important question but unfortunately the answer is far from simple. It depends on numerous factors like who is the designer, who is the manufacturer, the quality class, the warranty it provides and naturally also whether it is the front door or one of the inside doors. The price range goes from a hundred pounds to a few thousand pounds for the most prestigious uPVC windows and doors. But in the end, they are cheaper in average than wooden doors so that always counts as an important factor if your family budget is a bit tight.

Our suggestion – choose the uPVC windows and doors.

uPVC sash windows

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uPVC sash windows are built with one or more movable panels, ofte also reffered to as sashes. They form frames that hold panes of glass. They appear as ‘windows made of smaller windows’. The classical arrangement has three panes across by two up on each of two sashes. This gives a “six over six” panel window, but this is not at all a fixed rule.
The weight of the glazed panel is most commonly balanced by a heavy sash weight that is hidden inside the frame. UPVC sash windows are usually fitted with simplex hinges which allow the window to be open for the purpose of airing the room or cleaning the window.

uPVC sahs windows vs. wooden sash windows

Wooden windows may rot but also the distortion and swelling are common problems. The maintennance takes more time as they need occasional painting, which is sometimes done carelessly and that generates all sorts of new problems. Considering that the sash windows require somewhat high maintenance even without taking the material into consideration, uPVC sash windows are probably the better choice. As we already established in one of our previsous articles, uPVC windows are less demanding and will take up less of your time. They only need some cleaning an lubrication of the hinges.

uPVC sash window

uPVC sash windows as decoration

The look of the uPVC sash windows is the most appealing aspect of them. They give your house a Victorian or Georgian outlook although there are other terms that describe them. If they open horizontally, they are reffered to as Yorkshire light or sliding sash.
They are more expensive than regular windows, but if you want to give your house a bit different outlook than uPVC sash windows are the right way to go. Just be careful that you choose an established manufacturer that has a long history of making such windows. A poor built will give you a lot more problems than pleasure.

uPVC windows

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uPVC windows are made of an artificial material – Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride. This material always stretches equally so a good level of insulation is thoroughly maintained at all times. The material is UV resistant so uPVC windows do not become yellow in time and also don’t show signs of ageing. uPVC is a solid insulator and demands minimum maintenance. It is also non-sensitive for all weather conditions. It does not require coloring and is obviously resistant to the woodworm unlike wood and wooden windows.

uPVC window

uPVC window

Do uPVC windows give an artificial look?

They don’t. The imitation of wood is on such a high level these days that the difference is almost impossible to notice. Wooden decor goes very well together with wood and is quite suitable for renovating, not just newly built houses or appartments.

uPVC windows and maintenance

What does window maintenance actually mean. Just like with the uPVC doors, you can not do much more than occasional cleaning, and greasing the window seals and the framework. That’s more or less it, so by buying uPVC windows you can be sure you will save some time. Other materials are not that low-maintenance and will most probably take up more of your time.


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