When Should I Replace My Windows?

uPVC Replacement WindowsEveryone knows that you should replace your windows when they start to dent, rot, or rust. If you want to avoid the hassle of dealing with the act of replacement, think of switching to uPVC. UPVC windows are used as replacement to wooden windows because wood-framed windows are vulnerable to denting and rotting. The latter also requires regular maintenance, something that the uPVC does not need. uPVC can come in pre-fabricated kits, so homeowners can install windows and doors easily. In fact, uPVC installation is one of the most popular home improvement projects sought after to date. Stated below are 7 reasons why uPVC windows would rock any home:

1) uPVC is resistant to all kinds of weather.

Unlike wood, uPVC is resistant to climate and weather changes. It will not melt under the heat of the sun, nor will it age and rust under the rain. They do not scratch, dent, and chip. In the long run, you can save a lot of money and energy with uPVC than wood.

2) uPVC provides an excellent form of insulation.

Aside from climate change resistance, uPVC has been proven to have heat insulation abilities better than aluminum. Insulation properties are enhanced if you install double glazed uPVC windows. Owners can enjoy reduced electricity bills aside from low maintenance windows.

3) Sound proofing is not a problem for UPVC.

A good UPVC material can provide soundproofing between 33 and 43 dB. Installing a UPVC window in your home will prevent excessive noise from coming in, like airplanes passing by and rowdy teenagers. This is also a chance to be considerate to neighbors, if you like to turn up the volume really high or if you have rowdy teenagers in your house too.

4) It is resistant to corrosion.

Because UPVC windows and doors are weather-resistant, they are also invincible against corrosion. Salt water won’t even dampen its style. It can withstand humidity so it’s suitable in any home in any part of the world.

5) UPVC is aesthetically pleasing.

UPVC are as attractive as wooden windows, not to mention more hard-wearing. Victorian style, Georgian sash style, cottage style, bay/bow style, rollout, hopper, or louvered UPVC windows are available according to your liking.

6) Lastly, it is friendly to the environment.

It is suggested that UPVC harms the environment. But in another sense, it’s friendly to the environment because it does not require a lot of maintenance. You can use it for a long time or recycle it. It’s not made out of natural material like wooden windows but a UPVC window is definitely a keeper.

If you decide on installing UPVC windows, make your house fire-resistant. When UPVC is set on fire, dioxins are released. Excessive amounts of dioxins are lethal to living things because they can cause lung cancer. Aside from that, it’s potentially harmful to the environment too. It pays to install fire alarms and sprinklers, especially in places with UPVC doors and windows.

Apart from that, there is no reason why you shouldn’t buy UPVC doors and windows. Attractive homes don’t have to be a waste of budget after all. Start with UPVC windows and if you’re up for it, you can install UPVC doors too.

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Oak Flooring And uPVC Windows – Problem Solved!

Oak Flooring and uPVC WindowsUp and down the country, after giving their front rooms the ‘Extreme Makeover: Home Edition‘ treatment couples everywhere get into arguments and debates. And this is after all of the hard work is finished….

She’s spent time and money choosing furniture and co-ordinating paint samples with fabric swatches, while he has spent his precious weekends fitting the ‘perfect’ engineered oak flooring, at her request. Finally, the flooring is polished, the new cushions are plumped up and the vases of flowers are arranged….

It all seems perfect; He breathes a sigh of relief, and says to his partner “so, we’ve finally finished?” But she’s still not happy. She’s noticed a problem… and he hasn’t spotted it:

The UPVC window.

Next to the fabulous oak flooring, the white plastic uPVC window now just looks ugly and out of place.

Shiny white plastic does NOT match with luxury flooring and she knows it. Declaring the ‘makeover’ a failure, she demands a new window – with a wooden frame – it’s the only thing that will make the room “feel right”. But he knows that no matter how “right” the room feels, come Winter, a wooden window frame won’t keep the room feeling warm! But she doesn’t care, she shouts the the “plastic window does not match the perfect oak flooring or subtle colour scheme!”

She’s right…White UPVC does not scream ‘quality’, yet oak flooring oozes it. In a newly decorated room this can be a real dilemma – So, what should they do? Is there a compromise?

Luckily, yes there is! Did you know that you can get uPVC windows in a wood effect, which will match oak flooring perfectly?

Additionally, wooden-effect uPVC has many advantages over regular wooden windows. Wood can rot and decay over a number of years and it can also be particularly problematic if your house gets damp. Additionally wood windows need frequent care, painting and may need replacing, which is costly. In contrast, wooden-effect uPVC looks as good as the real thing and it DOESN’T need all of the extra care that wooden window frames need. All you need to do is wipe the mock-wood with a damp cloth!

So there you go – problem solved!

Beautiful oak flooring with matching windows AND all the benefits of uPVC glazing! Perfect!

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Window Locks for uPVC Windows

uPVC Window LockNow that everything is high priced, it is only natural if you want to cut your expenses in one way or another. One way to do so is to install uPVC Windows and doors. With this type of windows or doors, you’ll be able to cut down fuel consumption at your home because of their great energy efficiency. Such doors and windows improve your home’s thermal capacity, so even when your home is heated, you won’t be losing a lot of money in the process. A lot of people however, are hesitating to get uPVC windows because they feel that they’re not secured with such a window installed in their homes. What they don’t know is that they can even get extra protection from these windows because of window locks for uPVC windows.

So, what are window locks for uPVC windows? Since this type of window isn’t common to most homes, you need special locks to keep them safe and secured. You don’t have to worry about finding these because there are a lot of stores selling them. What you need to ascertain before buying window locks for uPVC windows are the features that would fit your needs.

One feature that you need to consider is the built and construction of the window locks for uPVC windows. This lock should be built tough, and should be able to stand years worth of wear and tear from opening and closing the doors. Since uPVC windows are especially built for thermal efficiency, the locks should also match that durability and usefulness. Another feature that you should look for is that it should allow the window to be opened in such a way that air flows quite well inside and outside the room, all the while keeping it locked and preventing entry through your windows. This is a great feature especially on warm weather, wherein you don’t have to worry about heating your house, since your concern would be keeping your living spaces well ventilated. Ideal window locks should also be simple and easy to use, so that opening and closing the windows won’t be a hard task. It should still maintain the functionality of a regular window, or else you’d have to consider getting a new window for your home.

The uPVC windows could be considered as a great addition for your home, to keep it comfortable and energy efficient. Window locks not only complements these windows well, they also keep your place safe and secured.

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