Upvc or wooden windows. Which are better?

Wooden windowsDespite the rampant use of uPVC windows on modern houses, there are still certain purists who prefer wooden windows to decorate their homes with. What these traditional design purists do not know is that this type of window is way more superior that any other window, including wooden windows. Aside from looking exactly like a wooden window, uPVC windows have a lot more to offer those who take interest in their great intrinsic value.

uPVC windows are supreme over wooden or any other windows because not only are they tougher, but they cost less to maintain. A simple spray of detergent or any cleaning product and a wipe with a clean piece of cloth can easily keep these windows clean and last longer. Dirt and other filth that sticks itself to wooden windows can take some time to clean. In fact, you do not even need to paint them your desired color, since you can always buy them in whatever color you choose, and will not need repainting over time. In wooden doors, this is important because if they are not constantly repainted, they will begin to rot. Even metal frames are subject to this is exposed to the harsh environment, but the plastic frames of the uPVC window can stand up to any conditions.

The strength and durability of these windows is something that many individuals admire and wish to place in their homes. The best thing about this window material is that they are subject to rigorous testing stages, so you can be sure that each window that you install in your home is made to last and will not easily be damaged, making them an option that is simply too hard to ignore. Overall, these uPVC windowsare great not just for your modern-themed home but even with traditional and classic houses that have wooden windows that need replacing.


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How to Change Locks on uPVC Doors

uPVC Door LockChanging the lock of upvc doors can be very complicated, if you do not have a clear idea on how the system works. So, the first step that you have to take in order for you to know how to handle the situation is to know the concept behind upvc doors. For starters, a upvc door lock is considered to be a rigid kind of lock which is popular because of its tough and long lasting durability. You might be surprised to know that these locks are actually very popular in many homes. They are also done in different shapes, sizes, and finishes. Having a broken upvc door could mean that you have to upgrade it or replace it entirely for security purposes. Compared to other upvc installations, replacing your doors does not need the assistance of professionals and can be done on your own.

The first thing that you should do is to buy another lock that is the same model as the old lock for the sake of consistency.

The second thing that you have to remember in replacing upvc doors is that you will have to remove the previous lock. You can do it by unscrewing the large and retaining bolt that actually holds the lock to the door. You can do so by using a flat head screwdriver. Make sure that the door is actually aligned with the cylinder. This is because the multi-point locking mechanism, which you are actually taking off right now, runs up the edge of your door and may have its own combination of rollers and hooks.

Third, place the key inside the lock. Afterwards, turn the lock a little bit to the side. At this point, you will feel that the key is actually firmly supporting the lock. You will have to gently move the key around a little bit in order to pull out the entire lock and bolt in the best position to open it.

After taking the entire lock, you will have to put the new lock inside the hole in order to be able to tighten the lock from the outside. At this point, the journey in replacing your upvc doors is actually nearing its end. Place both the bolt as well as the lock inside the hole and make sure that you put them in the right places. You have to make sure that you tightly screw the entirety of the bolt as well as the new lock with a screwdriver.

Knowing the specific operation method of the lock will be able to save you a lot of time as you will not be required to understand the lever operation anymore. This means that you will not engage the same troubles that you’ve had to face just because you did not have adequate knowledge in dealing with upvc doors in the past. Remember all these techniques and replacing the door will not be as intimidating as it once was.


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