4 Tips for Improving the Look of Your uPVC Windows

No matter how great your house looks and no matter what a fantastic job you did decorating your back yard, there is one thing people will always notice – the way your windows look like. If you are not too happy with your plain white looking windows, I have a few tips for improving the look of your uPVC windows that will help you revive them and make your neighbours jealous.

  • repainting

If you bought the uPVC windows sometime ago, you didn’t really have many colours to choose from, so you had to buy them in white. This has changed through the years and now the colour choices are almost unlimited. But you don’t have to buy new windows, you can simply buy the paint for uPVC windows and paint them yourself, or get some expert help.

  • shutters

Shutters look great, I’m a huge fan of them. Not only do they help you keep privacy, but also give your uPVC windows a romantic outlook. It’s best to buy the shutters in the same colours as your windows are, or at least in a colour that will match the window frame.

  • flowers

You can place flower pots on either the inside of your window or on the outside. For me, the outside option is better if you are looking to improve the look of the windows. But keep in mind that placing the flowers is not enough, you must also take proper care of them. If you don’t, the whole thing will look even worse with dead flowers in front of your windows.

  • curtains

Curtains will also provide privacy, similar as the shutters will. The main difference is that the curtains are more flexible, because you can simply remove them, or replace them with others once you get tired of them. Considering how affordable they are, you can change them on regular basis and give your windows and your rooms a new look quite often.

You can also replace your ordinary windows with uPVC sash windows. This will even further improve the look of your home and the ideas mentioned above will only add something extra to the already fantastic looking windows.

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