uPVC Front Doors

Front doors are one of the first parts of your house a visitor will notice and most of the time they have time to inspect them while they wait for you to open the door. These doors are also one of the largest openings of the house, so this is where poor quality and poor insulation will hurt you the most. Well, not you directly; your wallet, to be exact. So what you want to do is get quality doors that look great at the same time. Sound easy, right?

Well, it sure does sound easy enough, but when you are in the process of buying them, you notice that there are numerous different models, colours and materials you can choose from. While some people still swear wood is the way to go, uPVC front doors have become quite popular as well in the recent years. Because this site is dedicated to uPVC windows and doors, I will focus mainly on uPVC doors in this article.

As I already mentioned on several occasion, uPVC is a great material for both doors and uPVC windows. It is durable, affordable and it requires very little maintenance. Considering that front doors are an expensive item and considering they should last for years to come, it seems these are perfect attributes.

Some people still believe that uPVC front doors are only available in the plain white colour. This might have been the case in the past, but contemporary uPVC doors and windows can be bought in any colour, so get creative and order something exotic. Well, exotic might not be the best word, as you probably don’t want your house to look like a parrot, but feel free to choose from several different colour options.

Glass panels are a beautiful addition to any front doors, no matter what material they are made of. They will not only make the door look better, but will also bring some light and brightness into the house. you can choose from heavily frosted to almost clear panels and it is up to you to decide whether you want more privacy (frosted) or more brightness (clear).

I love uPVC and always suggest people to get doors and windows made of it. A great addition to any house is also a uPVC conservatory, especially if you already took my advice about the uPVC windows and doors.

uPVC Conservatory

Although this is a website dedicated mostly to uPVC windows and doors, we feel that uPVC conservatories are very tightly connected with them and deserve a special mention.

A conservatory can simply be described as a room with a glass roof and walls, attached to a house and used as a sun lounge or a greenhouse. At least this is how the Oxford dictionary describes it. Conservatories have first been introduced back in the 17th century and have played an important role in the outlook of British houses ever since. The reason they became so popular in the United Kingdom is the climate as they give you the option to have the benefit of the outdoors from the comfort of indoors. Conservatories were initially used as a place to nurture plants that would not be able to survive in the UK climate. Nowadays, they are used for a variety of purposes.

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uPVC Windows Basics

uPVC windows are made of an artificial material – Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride. This material always stretches equally so a good level of insulation is thoroughly maintained at all times. The material is UV resistant so uPVC windows do not become yellow in time and also don’t show signs of ageing. uPVC is a solid insulator and demands minimum maintenance. It is also non-sensitive for all weather conditions. It does not require coloring and is obviously resistant to the woodworm unlike wood and wooden windows.

uPVC window

uPVC window

Do uPVC windows give an artificial look?

They don’t. The imitation of wood is on such a high level these days that the difference is almost impossible to notice. Wooden decor goes very well together with wood and is quite suitable for renovating, not just newly built houses or appartments.

uPVC windows and maintenance

What does window maintenance actually mean. Just like with the uPVC doors, you can not do much more than occasional cleaning, and greasing the window seals and the framework. That’s more or less it, so by buying uPVC windows you can be sure you will save some time. Other materials are not that low-maintenance and will most probably take up more of your time.