How to Improve the Security of uPVC Windows

uPVC Window SecuritySecurity has become an even bigger concern these days, given the increase in crime rates. Even homes, which have previously been considered as a person’s safety zone, is no longer secure anymore housebreaking has become so commonplace that people barely bat their eyelashes when they hear news about a malicious individual breaking in someone’s home. What people may not be aware of is that break-ins are crimes of opportunity: thieves and robbers are constantly on the lookout for weak spots in a person’s home and are able to enter a house because of these. More often than not, windows are the weak spots of a house. Even if these are closed, the glass can easily be broken or the panes jimmied to grant thieves access to your home. If you want to provide more security for your home, consider installing uPVC windows. [Read more...]

Oak Flooring And uPVC Windows – Problem Solved!

Oak Flooring and uPVC WindowsUp and down the country, after giving their front rooms the ‘Extreme Makeover: Home Edition‘ treatment couples everywhere get into arguments and debates.  And this is after all of the hard work is finished….

She’s spent time and money choosing furniture and co-ordinating paint samples with fabric swatches, while he has spent his precious weekends fitting the ‘perfect’ engineered oak flooring, at her request.  Finally, the flooring is polished, the new cushions are plumped up and the vases of flowers are arranged….

It all seems perfect; He breathes a sigh of relief, and says to his partner “so, we’ve finally finished?”   But she’s still not happy.  She’s noticed a problem… and he hasn’t spotted it:

The UPVC window.

Next to the fabulous oak flooring, the white plastic uPVC window now just looks ugly and out of place.

Shiny white plastic does NOT match with luxury flooring and she knows it.  Declaring the ‘makeover’ a failure, she demands a new window – with a wooden frame – it’s the only thing that will make the room “feel right”.  But he knows that no matter how “right” the room feels, come Winter, a wooden window frame won’t keep the room feeling warm!   But she doesn’t care, she shouts the the “plastic window does not match the perfect oak flooring or subtle colour scheme!”

She’s right…White UPVC does not scream ‘quality’, yet oak flooring oozes it. In a newly decorated room this can be a real dilemma – So, what should they do? Is there a compromise?

Luckily, yes there is! Did you know that you can get uPVC windows in a wood effect, which will match oak flooring perfectly?

Additionally, wooden-effect uPVC has many advantages over regular wooden windows.  Wood can rot and decay over a number of years and it can also be particularly problematic if your house gets damp.  Additionally wood windows need frequent care, painting and may need replacing, which is costly.  In contrast, wooden-effect uPVC looks as good as the real thing and it DOESN’T need all of the extra care that wooden window frames need.  All you need to do is wipe the mock-wood with a damp cloth!

So there you go – problem solved!

Beautiful oak flooring with matching windows AND all the benefits of uPVC glazing!  Perfect!

Have an Expert Install Your uPVC Windows and Doors

Many people are quite handy with the tools and feel comfortable enough to do just about any work in and around their houses. DIY skills can really save you a lot of money you would otherwise have to spend on hiring experts in all areas. But being too comfortable with DIY home improvement might also have some negative consequences and in some areas of your home you would want to minimize these consequences as much as possible.

Installing uPVC windows and doors is one of those areas and you should do your best to have the uPVC windows and uPVC doors installed as well as possible. There are several reasons why this is so important. One of them is money. You will probably save a lot of it if you won’t hire a professional, but on the other hand windows and doors are too expensive to ruin them by installing them improperly.

But the money issue is just one way of looking at it. considering you bought new upvc windows and doors, you were  probably having some problems with the old ones. Those problems usually come down to draft and poor insulation. Now, even you you got the upvc double glazed windows, they will do you little good, if you ruined their  benefits by installing them incorrectly.

Having DIY skills is great, as I already mentioned, but some jobs are just too important to do it all by yourself. They require professionals and experts to be done properly. Sure, they are only people as well and it is possible that they will do a poor job installing the windows, but even if this happens, you know who to blame and who will fix the problems free of charge. This is what the warranty is for.

Get Your uPVC Double Glazed Windows in the Summer

I admit the title of this post might seem a bit odd, because there are really not that many people who think about good winter insulation during the hot summer days, but to tell you the truth, this is exactly when you should be thinking about it. When the days get cold, everyone else will start thinking about it and because of this fact, the prices for uPVC double glazed windows will skyrocket. But prices are not the only reason why you should consider buying the uPVC windows in the summer. During the late fall, all the window fitters will be very busy and will be able to negotiate higher prices. You will have a far better negotiating position in August, when most of them will be available and in need of jobs.

Windows are not the only product that is worth buying when the season seems just wrong. You will save money on any product you buy in the off-season. During the summer you can also plan ahead, because new windows are not something you need immediately, so you have plenty of time to compare prices and search for recommendations and reviews about different suppliers.

When you add up all of the mentioned factors, you see that you are saving money on different levels. uPVC double glazed windows have become very popular in the last decade. You save money with them –  an average family will save about 150 GBP because these windows will minimize the heat loss.

Triple Glazed uPVC Windows

There were times when all uPVC windows were single glazed and everyone was accepting the poor insulation, because there was nothing to do about it. The heat and noise were penetrating them whenever they felt like it and there was nothing to do about it. Some time ago double glazed ones were introduced and a lot of things changed. People were buying new windows just to get the double glazed ones. They really brought a big change to our homes, something similar happened as when uPVC doors were first introduced. People stopped settling for the poor windows they had and wanted the best thing money could buy. So the era of the double glazed windows began. These days you hardly ever find people that still buy single glazed ones.

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