Are uPVC Windows and Doors Affected By Weather?

Are uPVC Windows and Doors Affected by WeatherIn selecting materials for your house, it is understandable that you would like the most durable and reliable material. In this aspect, upvc windows and doors are ideal choices. If you want to know whether they are affected by weather, then the answer is no. Here are reasons why upvc doors and windows are not affected by inclement weather.

They are water-resistant

They are not easily damaged by water, so you can sail through the rainy season, feeling secure and safe that your upvc windows and doors will not be ruined by rain. Likewise during snowstorms or during winter, they can get moist but still remain intact.

They maintain the warmth inside the room

Because of their specific material, upvc doors and windows can make the room warmer or maintain the warmth inside the room. You will spend less on electric bills because of this amazing property of heat conservation. This confirms the fact that they are not affected by inclement weather conditions.

They can withstand winter conditions

They are durable and are made up of high standard materials that enable them to withstand winter conditions. When you are inside the room, you will not feel the harshness of the winter nights. Upvc doorsand windows are cold-resistant as well, aside from being water-resistant.

They have sun block properties

You can be very well protected from the sun’s harmful rays and during the early afternoons. They are made up of a durable plastic that never peels, warp, or get distorted by cold or warm weather and by raindrops or icicles.

They have easily managed surfaces

The special condition of the upvc windows and doors, will provide you easy and convenient cleansing of their surfaces. You will not have a problem maintaining their cleanliness.  Cleaner windows and doors would ensure healthier and safer surroundings.

They can withstand extreme temperatures

During summer, upvc doors and windows provide cooler temperatures for a more comfortable ambiance in your homes. They adjust easily to the weather changes that your home would feel more comfortable and cozy.

Build a house from these durable, high-quality materials and feel secure and safe. Whatever the type of weather is, you will not have to worry about the windows and doors of your house. The uPVC material would be perfect for your dream house.

The question, “are upvc Windows and doors affected by weather” is therefore answered in the negative, because of the above-mentioned facts.

Reasons to Choose Composite Doors

Composite DoorsWe can all agree that the two main functions of the front doors are  to prevent intruders from entering our homes and at the same time they must also provide excellent insulation and prevent the outside weather conditions affecting the inside temperature. uPVC front doors do an excellent job in these two areas, but in my opinion, a composite door is even better, especially in the security department.

People often get confused about what a composite door is and what makes it different from uPVC doors, considering both types of doors look quite similar. But as much as they look alike on the outside, they are actually very much different on the inside. Composite doors usually have a solid wood interior that gives them excellent insulation properties and on the other hand it makes them extremely safe and secure. uPVC doors are usually hollow inside and filled with a polystyrenes product for insulation. The insulation might be great, but we can all agree that the solid composite doors are better as far as safety goes.

Not only are composite doors very safe, they look great as well. They have a grained finish that is designed to make them look very much like the attractive wooden doors. The selection of different colours and styles is also quite wide, so you can pick the doors that look exactly like you had always pictured your front would look like one day. You can also choose whether you want your composite doors to be solid or glazed.

Composite doors tend to be a bit more expensive than the ordinary uPVC doors, but if you shop around and look for doors on sale, you can find high quality items for an excellent price. Just plan ahead, don’t be an impulsive shopper and you will have no problems finding great looking and secure doors, that will also be quite affordable at the same time.

Have an Expert Install Your uPVC Windows and Doors

Many people are quite handy with the tools and feel comfortable enough to do just about any work in and around their houses. DIY skills can really save you a lot of money you would otherwise have to spend on hiring experts in all areas. But being too comfortable with DIY home improvement might also have some negative consequences and in some areas of your home you would want to minimize these consequences as much as possible.

Installing uPVC windows and doors is one of those areas and you should do your best to have the uPVC windows and uPVC doors installed as well as possible. There are several reasons why this is so important. One of them is money. You will probably save a lot of it if you won’t hire a professional, but on the other hand windows and doors are too expensive to ruin them by installing them improperly.

But the money issue is just one way of looking at it. considering you bought new upvc windows and doors, you were  probably having some problems with the old ones. Those problems usually come down to draft and poor insulation. Now, even you you got the upvc double glazed windows, they will do you little good, if you ruined their  benefits by installing them incorrectly.

Having DIY skills is great, as I already mentioned, but some jobs are just too important to do it all by yourself. They require professionals and experts to be done properly. Sure, they are only people as well and it is possible that they will do a poor job installing the windows, but even if this happens, you know who to blame and who will fix the problems free of charge. This is what the warranty is for.

Replacement uPVC Windows, Aluminium or Wooden Windows

Are your old windows worn out and don’t provide the quality insulation they used to? Well, perhaps it is time to buy new uPVC windows, or some other type of new windows. Considering the sheer amount of money you are loosing through heat loss because of poor insulation, you really don’t have any other choice.

But the problem with replacement windows is not the price and it is certainly not the lack of different possibilities. It is the other way around actually. These days there are too many possibilities you can choose from. While some people swear that the wooden windows are still the best possible choice, other say that aluminium is the only option worth considering. I, however, always recommend uPVC windows and doors and I have several reasons to recommend them. But first of all, let’s break down the advantages and disadvantages of all three window types.

Aluminium windows certainly are the strongest ones. The frames are quite ridged so they can support the weight of insulated glass in the sash without sagging. They will last for a long time, quality aluminium windows last as long as fifty or more years. The main disadvantage of these windows is the fact they conduct cold right through the frames, which is something you really don’t want your windows to do.

Wooden windows have been around for ages and are still the most commonly used material. We already discussed some of their disadvantages, but let’s recap that: high price, absorption of moist, constant upkeep.

So considering all of the above, I can only state that the uPVC windows really do have the least disadvantages and their advantages are very well known, especially if you are a regular reader of this blog.

Triple Glazed uPVC Windows

There were times when all uPVC windows were single glazed and everyone was accepting the poor insulation, because there was nothing to do about it. The heat and noise were penetrating them whenever they felt like it and there was nothing to do about it. Some time ago double glazed ones were introduced and a lot of things changed. People were buying new windows just to get the double glazed ones. They really brought a big change to our homes, something similar happened as when uPVC doors were first introduced. People stopped settling for the poor windows they had and wanted the best thing money could buy. So the era of the double glazed windows began. These days you hardly ever find people that still buy single glazed ones.

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