Reasons to Choose Composite Doors

Composite DoorsWe can all agree that the two main functions of the front doors are  to prevent intruders from entering our homes and at the same time they must also provide excellent insulation and prevent the outside weather conditions affecting the inside temperature. uPVC front doors do an excellent job in these two areas, but in my opinion, a composite door is even better, especially in the security department.

People often get confused about what a composite door is and what makes it different from uPVC doors, considering both types of doors look quite similar. But as much as they look alike on the outside, they are actually very much different on the inside. Composite doors usually have a solid wood interior that gives them excellent insulation properties and on the other hand it makes them extremely safe and secure. uPVC doors are usually hollow inside and filled with a polystyrenes product for insulation. The insulation might be great, but we can all agree that the solid composite doors are better as far as safety goes.

Not only are composite doors very safe, they look great as well. They have a grained finish that is designed to make them look very much like the attractive wooden doors. The selection of different colours and styles is also quite wide, so you can pick the doors that look exactly like you had always pictured your front would look like one day. You can also choose whether you want your composite doors to be solid or glazed.

Composite doors tend to be a bit more expensive than the ordinary uPVC doors, but if you shop around and look for doors on sale, you can find high quality items for an excellent price. Just plan ahead, don’t be an impulsive shopper and you will have no problems finding great looking and secure doors, that will also be quite affordable at the same time.

How to Take Proper Care of Your uPVC Windows and Doors

uPVC Windows CareTaking proper care of your uPVC windows and doors is an easy enough task, it’s just about knowing how to go about it exactly. Whether you have uPVC windows or uPVC doors (or both), external upvc doors or front upvc doors – they do need taking care of once in a while, despite companies claiming that they’re maintenance-free. Maintenance-free just means they will never need coated or painted in order to stay in fine shape.

So, why do uPVC windows and doors need cleaning? Well, like most surfaces, they will pick up dirt and dust in the air, especially during hotter seasons. uPVC doors that are opened regularly will likely get dirty from being touched so constantly and letting dirt and dust in the air come through. This is particularly the case for internal doors if you’re at home a lot.

Luckily, there are simple solutions to cleaning and maintaining your uPVC frames and any glass panes. For cleaning the glass on your windows and any doors, just use a simple window spray cleaner with a cloth, or a soap that mixes with water. For the actual frames on your uPVC doors and windows, just use a liquid soap or mild detergent, mixed with warm water. The cleaning part really is that simple.

For maintaining the functionality of your uPVC windows and doors, you need to keep the mechanisms lubricated from time to time. It’s recommended that you use periodic lubrication with WD-40 spray, whether it be for windows, external doors or internal doors. The mechanisms to keep lubricated include the handles, lock assemblies, hinges, letter plate springs and striking plates.

The overall cleaning and maintenance does not have to be done too often. If something is dirty, clean it, and if a mechanism is not up to scratch, lubricant it!

uPVC Patio Doors

When it comes to uPVC windows and doors, picking the right ones for your home is essential. A patio door is definitely one of the finest choices when it comes to picking an external door. There are many front doors and back doors to choose from out there, but patio doors actually work incredibly well for both. They look great, and work well in just about any modern, contemporary home.

All uPVC doors, including uPVC patio doors, are easy enough to maintain. The uPVC frame is easily cleaned with soapy water or detergent (mixed with water). Patio doors tend to have a lot of glass, which can be easily cleaned on the inside and out using a standard off-the-shelf window cleaner, whether it be a spray or a soap. It’s definitely worth it, because you’ll be left with a nice and clean shine to your patio doors.

Front doors are important to most homes because it’s the first thing someone sees as they approach your home. uPVC doors look as good as they are functional, so there’s certainly not an issue if you use uPVC patio doors at the front of your house. It can actually add value to your home, not to mention they work perfectly well for keeping in heat and letting in natural light. We all want to save money on our energy bills, right?

uPVC windows and doors are also known for their strong security. A burglar will have one heck of a job prying open any uPVC doors, due to their enhanced lock mechanisms and the strength of the material. Even with open windows, they often cannot be opened wide enough to fit through without flicking an inner latch.

In a nutshell, if you’re looking at front doors, definitely go for patio doors. They are as functional as any uPVC doors but certainly look the best.

5 Reasons Why uPVC Doors are the Best Choice

uPVC doors are no doubt the best choice when it comes to picking something that is not only a great material, but also looks fantastic. When it comes down to it, we all want something that is going to be practical for our homes, i.e. being able to keep heat and/or cool air in, and generally just functioning well (no sticking, creaking or jamming). Wooden doors have all kinds of issues regarding these things, so let’s take a look at the great benefits of uPVC. Both uPVC windows and doors are counted for with these benefits:
Effective weather proofing – Not only will you not suffer from rain leaks, but also you won’t hear too much of the rain either due to decent noise proofing.

Insulation – This is an important one. We can keep more heat and/or cool air in our homes by using uPVC doors. This is reason enough for a lot of people nowadays to be using uPVC windows and doors. We all want to keep our energy bills to a minimum.

No corrosion – Yep, that’s right, your uPVC windows and doors will not face any corrosion whatsoever. Not even salt water will cause corrosion.

Minimal and repairable – uPVC doors, or any uPVC structures for that matter, rarely suffer any truly noticeable scratches, which is great news. Even when it does, it is easily polished out of the surface. You’re looking at a very sturdy material here.

Looks great – Practicality is not the only thing that this material is good for. The clean white finish makes for fantastic looking doors and windows.

As you can see, the pros seriously outweigh the pros of wooden materials. Even if you prefer the look of wood, you can give uPVC a wooden-looking finish. You simply cannot go wrong with this material for either uPVC front doors or internal ones.

uPVC Internal Doors

Last time I was speaking about the uPVC front doors and I elaborated how the external doors are one of the most important parts of the house. This is true, but we shouldn’t forget about the importance of internal doors. After all, if there are more than one person living in a home, the possibility of getting some privacy is important for any of them and internal doors are pretty much the only way we can achieve that.

Internal doors are made out of all possible materials, but uPVC internal doors are of course what I chose and what I would choose again if I had to and will, when I have to. There are several advantages of these type of doors that make them my favourite, but at this time I will mention the two most important ones – the price and the sound insulation.

As I already mentioned several time, uPVC windows and doors are very affordable, especially if we compare them to wooden ones. You can get a really good price on any uPVC doors, especially the internal ones that are usually not very massive, so not much material is used. The manufacture process is relatively cheap, especially if there are no glass panels inserted into the doors. Plain white uPVC interior doors are avaiable even for under £100. Naturally, the price rises if you want any ornaments or glazing added, but usually also when you wish to have them in any other colour than white.

The sound insulation is the most important aspect of the uPVC internal doors. This is what gives you the privacy in a home with several inhabitants. sometimes you just wish to be alone and talk privately on the phone, without any one to hear what you are saying. If you have children, you will also appreciate your internal doors to block the loud music they might play in their rooms.

If you are in the process of buying new internal doors, I suggest you visit your local dealer and ask for uPVC internal doors. I promise you won’t be sorry if you buy them.