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Every now and then we get messages with all sorts of questions about upvc windows and doors. This one came to our mailbox just yesterday and it was sent by George from Liverpool:


In the spring we are planning to renovate an old house. It is from the year 1952, but it was already renovated in 1993. This is also the year when all the windows and doors were replaced. Most of them are wooden ones and it seems they are still in a rather satisfying condition. The renovation will consist of painting the entire house and installing wall and floor tiles in 2 rooms. We will very likely change the roof too. Should we also replace the windows and doors?

Well, wooden windows and doors that are now 16 years old might still look just fine and they might also still be fine, but that will not last. Considering you are planning a full renovation of your house I would suggest also to install new upvc windows, while the doors are probably still ok for a decade or so.

New uPVC windows and doors are the smart choice

The old windows will soon become too old to provide satisfying insulation so you will loose heat during the colder months. I guarantee this will become a problem within next three years at most. Considering you are renovating now installing new uPVC windows and doors will spare you with doing it again in a year or two when you will realise that replacing windows makes so much mess and damages your house so much, that a new painting job will be required and some tiles that will be installed near the window frame will also be damaged.

If you wish to spare yourself from renovating again very soon, it is best to do it properly now, instead of repeating the entire procedure again when your existing upvc windows grow too old.

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