Which uPVC Windows and Doors Supplier Should I Choose

I recently got an email from James from London. He is currently in the stage of buying new uPVC windows and doors and is wondering which supplier or which manufacturer he should choose. He is overwhelmed with the vast selection of them and would not want to end up with a supplier that is good in advertising his services but not so good when it comes to uPVC windows and doors.

I understand how this can be a problem. uPVC windows and doors that you buy, will be installed for years, or even decades and there is absolutely no sense in saving a few pounds if you risk getting poor windows or poor installation because of that. But on the other hand, the high price is no guarantee you will get a high quality product. My advice would be to look for recommendations.

I’m sure you know someone who already has uPVC windows and doors installed. Why not give them a ring and ask how satisfied they are with their supplier and the people who installed the uPVC doors and the windows. If they are satisfied, you can follow their advice and hire the same contractor. If they think the supplier delivered poor products, you should just look for other offers.

You can also use the power of the internet and check out some home improvement forums. People often discuss uPVC windows and doors suppliers and manufacturers so you can get detailed reviews made by people who were already in your position, did a research of the market and chose what they thought would be the best possible option for them. Now just send them a message and ask them if they chose wisely and follow their advice if they did.

uPVC Windows and Doors Winter Check

September has already begun and the days are becoming cooler. This is especially visible during the night and in the mornings as the temperatures are starting to fall below 10 degrees Celsius and the fog appears regularly. Those that already installed new uPVC windows and doors do not feel the change so much, but people with old and used windows are already thinking about heating.

New uPVC windows and doors for solid insulation

As we already discussed, the uPVC windows and doors considerably improve the insulation and therefore keep the heat within the house or the apartment. To be honest this is not only because of the uPVC material used but also because the windows are new, made using the latest available technology and trends.

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uPVC Conservatory

Although this is a website dedicated mostly to uPVC windows and doors, we feel that uPVC conservatories are very tightly connected with them and deserve a special mention.

A conservatory can simply be described as a room with a glass roof and walls, attached to a house and used as a sun lounge or a greenhouse. At least this is how the Oxford dictionary describes it. Conservatories have first been introduced back in the 17th century and have played an important role in the outlook of British houses ever since. The reason they became so popular in the United Kingdom is the climate as they give you the option to have the benefit of the outdoors from the comfort of indoors. Conservatories were initially used as a place to nurture plants that would not be able to survive in the UK climate. Nowadays, they are used for a variety of purposes.

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New upvc windows and doors

Every now and then we get messages with all sorts of questions about upvc windows and doors. This one came to our mailbox just yesterday and it was sent by George from Liverpool:


In the spring we are planning to renovate an old house. It is from the year 1952, but it was already renovated in 1993. This is also the year when all the windows and doors were replaced. Most of them are wooden ones and it seems they are still in a rather satisfying condition. The renovation will consist of painting the entire house and installing wall and floor tiles in 2 rooms. We will very likely change the roof too. Should we also replace the windows and doors?

Well, wooden windows and doors that are now 16 years old might still look just fine and they might also still be fine, but that will not last. Considering you are planning a full renovation of your house I would suggest also to install new upvc windows, while the doors are probably still ok for a decade or so.

New uPVC windows and doors are the smart choice

The old windows will soon become too old to provide satisfying insulation so you will loose heat during the colder months. I guarantee this will become a problem within next three years at most. Considering you are renovating now installing new uPVC windows and doors will spare you with doing it again in a year or two when you will realise that replacing windows makes so much mess and damages your house so much, that a new painting job will be required and some tiles that will be installed near the window frame will also be damaged.

If you wish to spare yourself from renovating again very soon, it is best to do it properly now, instead of repeating the entire procedure again when your existing upvc windows grow too old.

uPVC Double Glazed Windows

Double glazed windows, also called insulating glass units, or IGUs, are used for proper insulation. They protect against loud sound and extreme temperatures.

Double glazed upvc windows are actually windows that are made out of two pieces of glass. The glass is inserted into frames that keeps them just a bit apart from each other so a space is created in between. It is filled with with vacuum, or with some kind of non-conductive insulating gas. Of all kinds of insulating windows, uPVC double glazed windows are one of the easiest to see through. As sound does not travel through vacuum, less sound will be able to get through into the house. Also cold and heat have trouble travelling through vacuum, so they are also stopped. It is the same principle as vacuum Thermoses use.

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