How to Install uPVC Windows

Installing uPVC windowsUPVC windows have been around since the 1970s. Since their creation, they have been used in almost every household. This type of window is also known as vinyl sliding or vinyl windows and they have are known to be more superior to timber window frames. However, there have been issues concerning its safety with regards to environment conservation. In spite of this, a lot of people are still interested in installing UPVC window frames in their homes as it is relatively more cost efficient than the other typical window materials that have been known to homeowners and builders.

One of the reasons why a lot are looking to install UPVC windows is that aside from helping to save money, it is also a good insulator. Unlike the common timber frame windows, UPVC is able to keep and maintain the heat inside the house especially during the winter season. It will generally improve the insulation in your house and compared to timber frames that are infamous for its poor heat maintenance, it would provide you with better warmth and comfort during the cold seasons. UPVC has high thermal resistance which refrains heat from going out the house.

Aside from this benefit, UPVC windows are very stable. It would not change in shape, texture, state, or appearance when the season changes. You must have noticed how your regular window frames would shrink during the dry, warm, and hot seasons and swell once the cold seasons come in. This might sound harmless but it actually poses risk and compromises the security for your home against breakage and burglary. Regular timber window frames also require more maintenance than the UPVC. You would need to repaint timber window frames to keep it from rotting and you would also need to apply wood putty treatment. More or less, the UPVC could stay as is for a long time once it is installed. If you now wish to have UPVC installed in your own home, read on for the steps on how you can install UPVC windows yourself.


STEP 1: The first step in installing UPVC window frames is to measure the interior part of the window opening where you will install the UPVC before purchasing the UPVC vinyl. This will ensure that the vinyl slide you will purchase is of accurate measurement. You should take note that the opening should be a bit wider and higher than the new window that is set to be installed.

STEP 2: Next, you can now start removing the existing window glass fixture to be replaced by the UPVC. Follow safety precautions especially if you are dealing with glass. It is best if you can work from the inside of the house and see to it that you dispose off the glass with full care. It is also recommended that you keep the inside stop which could be reused.

STEP 3: Next on the step’s list is to seal the nail fin which is efficient in preventing water leakage.

STEP 4: The next part is the installation of the UPVC. Push it towards the opening while making sure that it is in the correct positioning. Use screws that are normally included in UPVC packages or those that you would need to purchase separately. If you followed the recommendation of keeping the inside stop, you can now use and reinstall it.

STEP 5: The final step in UPVC windows installation is caulking or sealing around the frame. You can use a water-based foam sealant or some butyl rubber.


How to Improve the Security of uPVC Windows

uPVC Window SecuritySecurity has become an even bigger concern these days, given the increase in crime rates. Even homes, which have previously been considered as a person’s safety zone, is no longer secure anymore housebreaking has become so commonplace that people barely bat their eyelashes when they hear news about a malicious individual breaking in someone’s home. What people may not be aware of is that break-ins are crimes of opportunity: thieves and robbers are constantly on the lookout for weak spots in a person’s home and are able to enter a house because of these. More often than not, windows are the weak spots of a house. Even if these are closed, the glass can easily be broken or the panes jimmied to grant thieves access to your home. If you want to provide more security for your home, consider installing uPVC windows. [Read more...]

Are uPVC Windows and Doors Fire Resistant?

Fire Resistant uPVC Windows and DoorsIn an era where state-of-the-art technological innovation is king, UPVC windows and doors are the best choice when it comes to home improvement. This is not surprising though. Apart from the fact that UPVC windows and doors are very easy to assemble, they are durable and cheap too. Home-builders with discriminating taste in terms of material and aesthetics, will surely be glad to find out that doors and windows made from UPVC are also available in an assortment of sizes, colors, and designs. UPVC doors and windows also have different specifications specifically designed to suit your needs. Choose from a variety of specifications such as French windows, tilt n’ turn windows, bow or bay windows, stable doors, composite doors, residential doors, patio doors, and many more.

However, there are some important consideration before choosing the right UPVC  windows and doors for your home. In choosing a UPVC window, for instance, make sure that its material is durable, double-glaze, and of course, cost-effective.  With the right kind of UPVC window, the thermal capacity of your living space will dramatically improve. This means that you and your family can benefit more from the windows’ high heat-resistance. In technical terms, resistance to heat is referred to as R-value. When looking for a UPVC window, you should therefore look for those with the highest R-value. The bottomline is, you should go for UPVC windows that are capable of maximum insulation.

The considerations in choosing the best UPVC windows are the same criteria that you should use in getting the right UPVC doors. Aside from choosing a UPVC door that combines elegance, style, and durability, make sure that the one that you will choose have properties that are capable of providing optimum insulation and thermal capacity. A low U-factor and a high R-value is an essential quality that you should look for. In fact, whether you are looking for a doors or windows made of UPVC material, make sure that they are highly fire-proof.

In case you did not know, there are excellent UPVC windows and doors that are made from the best fire-proof materials. Since windows and doors tend to be your primary escape route during incidents such as fire, it is best to choose ones that are durable and made of excellent heat resistant materials. UPVC windows and doors are also self-extinguishing. This makes them effective in minimizing fire-related incidents due to extreme heat especially during the summer season.

Blinds for uPVC Windows

Do you have uPVC windows and/or uPVC doors? If so, then you probably realize the need for controlling the amount of natural lighting that you like to let into your home or office. Whether you want to make your rooms less bright or black them out completely, there are thankfully plenty of decent blinds to choose from out there that can be used on uPVC windows and doors.

Blinds in particular are not only go for effectively controlling the amount of natural light you let into your home, but they’re also useful for security reasons. You’re likely to be less of a target for robbery if your home can’t be easily seen into, especially during night hours when most people at home are sleeping.

When thinking of blinds, typically you might think of them as only being appropriate for your uPVC windows, but actually, you can get some for uPVC doors as well. Many uPVC doors, especially uPVC patio doors, contain windows that let light into your home. It’s nice to have control over this as well as over the lighting through your windows.

Despite the clear benefits of blinds, you might be worried about things like drilling. Well, don’t be. Clip-fit blinds are easily available, making them easily fixable and removable at any time. This means you don’t have to go drilling holes into your uPVC windows and doors, which is something a lot of us are wary about doing in our homes, especially as it can void warranties.

Whatever the size of your uPVC windows and doors, you will absolutely be able to purchase a removable set of blinds that you can put up in minutes or less. It’s definitely worth the security measure and being able to control that natural light coming into your home. Nobody likes facing a 5am sunset!

Energy Efficient uPVC Windows and Doors

I have said it before and I will say it again – choosing quality upvc windows and doors will help you save energy and as a result it will help you save money. Pvc windows that are built with care and with outstanding insulation might save you eough money to take your family on a small vacation, make no mistake about that.

Upvc  doors and windows are known for being affordable when you buy them but also as a fine money saver for years to come just because of the above mentioned great insulation.

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