uPVC doors

The doors, just as the windows, are one of the basic elements of your home. The front door is a mirror of the house, some people say and is also the piece of the house that will most likely let an intruder in, if they do not provide enough security. Choice of material will be one of the first questions a salesman will ask you some you might as well have an answer prepared for him. Wooden doors, aluminium or even uPVC windows and doors? We recommend the latter.

uPVC doors

One of the most popular choices lately are the uPVC doors. They have many advantages over wooden and aluminium ones and the price might just be the most important one, considering the quality of built is no worse than by wood and aluminium. Insulation is on the highest level, but make sure the allround quality of the door is solid enough – this is the suggestion you should follow no matter which material you will end up choosing. Just like the uPVC windows (or the uPVC sash windows as the more expensive version), they are cheaper in average so your family budget will take less of a blow. The maintenance is almost not needed because apart of the occasional lubrication and cleaning they just do not need it. Imagine the time you will save and the ways you can spend it more wisely …

How much do uPVC doors cost?

This is an important question but unfortunately the answer is far from simple. It depends on numerous factors like who is the designer, who is the manufacturer, the quality class, the warranty it provides and naturally also whether it is the front door or one of the inside doors. The price range goes from a hundred pounds to a few thousand pounds for the most prestigious uPVC doors. But in the end, they are cheaper in average than wooden doors, so that always counts as an important factor, if your family budget is a bit tight. If you do have to save money, I would suggest for you to do that on interior doors and get the best possible uPVC front doors. Those are one of the first things any visitor will notice and this is where you also want top notch insulation. Front doors are where a lot of the heat loss happens if the doors are not properly shut.

Other types to look out for are the uPVC french doors and uPVC patio doors. Both names are pretty self-explanatory, so  you can read about those type of doors in the special posts about them.

Our suggestion – choose the uPVC doors. They are the best type of doors money can buy.

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