uPVC sash windows

uPVC Sash WindowsuPVC sash windows are built with one or more movable panels, ofte also reffered to as sashes. They form frames that hold panes of glass. They appear as ‘windows made of smaller windows’. The classical arrangement has three panes across by two up on each of two sashes. This gives a “six over six” panel window, but this is not at all a fixed rule.
The weight of the glazed panel is most commonly balanced by a heavy sash weight that is hidden inside the frame. UPVC sash windows are usually fitted with simplex hinges which allow the window to be open for the purpose of airing the room or cleaning the window.

uPVC sash windows vs. wooden sash windows

Wooden windows may rot but also the distortion and swelling are common problems. The maintennance takes more time as they need occasional painting, which is sometimes done carelessly and that generates all sorts of new problems. Considering that the sash windows require somewhat high maintenance even without taking the material into consideration, uPVC sash windows are probably the better choice. As we already established in one of our previsous articles, uPVC windows are less demanding and will take up less of your time. They only need some cleaning an lubrication of the hinges.

uPVC sash window

uPVC sash windows as decoration

The look of the uPVC sash windows is the most appealing aspect of them. They give your house a Victorian or Georgian outlook although there are other terms that describe them. If they open horizontally, they are reffered to as Yorkshire light or sliding sash.
They are more expensive than regular windows, but if you want to give your house a bit different outlook than uPVC sash windows are the right way to go. Just be careful that you choose an established manufacturer that has a long history of making such windows. A poor built will give you a lot more problems than pleasure.

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